Induction Inline Billet Heater
Induction Billet Heater

Induction Inline Billet Heater

Eletrotherm’s In-Line induction heating system for hot rolling/ reheating of bars, billets, slabs, plates, and blooms. Our heater provides temperature control and uniform heating from the surface to the core and head to tail of the product. Our heater is highly efficient and compact; available in frequencies between 250 Hz to 1000 Hz. and power between 500 kW to 10000 kW. Hot rolling is used to form thinner pieces of metal by using heat.

This process is mainly used to change the shape and thickness of metal. The starting material is usually large pieces of metal, like semi-finished casting products, such as slabs, blooms, and billet.

Billet Heater Furnace Factory

If this product came from a continuous casting operation the products are fed directly into the rolling mills at the proper temperature. Steel slabs or billets are first heated to an extreme temperature, which is slightly above the metal’s recrystallization temperature, and then they are sent through rollers that can be programmed to apply a controlled amount of pressure to form the metal into the desired size or thickness.

Hot rolling is used mainly to produce sheet metal or simple cross-sections such as rail tracks. Other typical uses of hot rolling are to produce TMT bar, angle, channel, I-beam, and wire rod.


  • Quick slab heating throughput.
  • High heating efficiency.
  • In-line or oscillating heaters.
  • Closed-loop temperature control.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Reduced scale formation.
  • Highly compact installations.

Model # Induction Inline Billet Heater
Applications Boosting temperature for rolling
Billet size SQ 65 - SQ 250 mm
Temperature rise 100 - 400 °C
Power rating 500 kW and above
Heating Progressive / Oscillating


We convey our sincere thanks and our appreciation to M/ s Electrotherm family for the development, realization, testing, qualification and commissioning of 10 MW power supply system for our Plasma Wind Tunnel facility. We are extremely glad that M/ s Electrotherm has taken up this challenging task, when no such system was existing in the country. We wish, we should have many more such collaborative ventures in future with M/ s Electrotherm and contribute to ISRO's futuristic advanced R&D programmes.
Mr. P.A. Krishnamoorthy, VSSC-ISRO
Hereby we feel glad to have 4000 KW/ 10 Ton DTi Furnace set along with HSMC lX Caster. We have commissioned this equipments in our plant on 21st May 2018 & found performance which was committed by Electrotherm was achieved. Electrotherm's project execution was extraordinary & their process understanding & support was remarkable. Looking to the performance of other equipments of other makes running within our group, we have found performance of Electrotherm make DTi Furnace to be best.

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