Bullet Caster
Bullet Caster

Multi-Radius Bullet Caster

Modular caster changed the way smaller induction furnace owners have been making steel and enabling them to migrate from cumbersome and expensive ingot making to billet making to direct hot billet charging for continuous rolling mills. Taking a step forward, Electrotherm has launched a Multi-radius bullet caster which revolutionized small and medium scale steel making industries around the world. This simple but high-tech caster is playing important role in shaping steel in shaping the industry which helps in improving overall plant efficiency and optimize the cost of production. Equipped with essential features like rigid dummy bar, automatic secondary spray cooling, multi-point unbending & straightening, and optimized equipment & process automation. Bullet caster is essentially meant for reliable, flexible, safe, and reproducible casting. It also ensures low operation & maintenance cost and provides an option of direct rolling of hot billets. 

Bullet casters provide throughput up to 30 Ton/hour/strand with casting speed at 5 M/Min@110Sq. M/Section size and oscillation speed ranging from 40 – 300 CPM.

Bullet casters have higher-level features like:

  • Ladle turret for high productivity plants with multiple melting furnaces also improves the safety of machines and operators.
  • Hydraulic oscillation system for dynamic adjustment of frequency, stroke, and waveform ensures highest surface quality, accuracy, safety, and reduced space requirement and maintenance cost.
  • The turnover cooling bed is installed in plants willing to produce 12 meters long billets for meeting dimensional accuracy.
  • An automatic gas cutter or hydraulic shear is installed for reducing human-dependent operations, which also ensures exact billet length with high cutting quality.


  • High-speed billet/bloom caster through multi-point unbending and optimized secondary cooling.
  • Higher operational flexibility.
  • Rigid dummy bar for enhanced productivity and quick re-stranding.
  • Quickly changeable sizes for the lowest turnaround time.
  • Motorized tundish car for a quick change of tundish.
  • Forced mould lubrication system.
  • PLC-SCADA based automation system.
  • High reliability and higher plant availability.
  • Low operational and maintenance cost.


We convey our sincere thanks and our appreciation to M/ s Electrotherm family for the development, realization, testing, qualification and commissioning of 10 MW power supply system for our Plasma Wind Tunnel facility. We are extremely glad that M/ s Electrotherm has taken up this challenging task, when no such system was existing in the country. We wish, we should have many more such collaborative ventures in future with M/ s Electrotherm and contribute to ISRO's futuristic advanced R&D programmes.
Mr. P.A. Krishnamoorthy, VSSC-ISRO
Hereby we feel glad to have 4000 KW/ 10 Ton DTi Furnace set along with HSMC lX Caster. We have commissioned this equipments in our plant on 21st May 2018 & found performance which was committed by Electrotherm was achieved. Electrotherm's project execution was extraordinary & their process understanding & support was remarkable. Looking to the performance of other equipments of other makes running within our group, we have found performance of Electrotherm make DTi Furnace to be best.

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