Quality Standard

Electrotherm believes in TQM (Total Quality Management) approach and therefore each and every component has to pass through stringent Quality Control procedure.


Electrotherm has a quality chain where all the parts of operations are bound together: from raw material sourcing to processing, from research and development to production, from stage-wise quality inspection to delivery. Every time a customer sources any equipment from us, we custom-design and deliver it to their satisfaction. And from here begins a long and mutually rewarding industrial relationship. We continue to monitor the performance of our equipment through frequent client interactions and feedback. This enables us to continuously upgrade our abilities and satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Electrotherm takes pride in being the only company in India where all electronic cards are manufactured in-house under stringent quality control and supervision of well-qualified staff. Once the Power Supply Unit is assembled, testing is carried out on no-load condition before dispatch, to ensure satisfactory functioning of the equipment. This results in a shorter duration of commissioning and closer to no-teething problems during the same.


To ensure that the envisioned quality is built into products, Electrotherm has a well-equipped Quality Assurance (QA) department manned by highly skilled Mechanical and Electronics Engineers.

Electrotherm’s works regularly undergo statutory and independent inspections by LLOYDS, UDHE, SGS, INSPECTORATE GRIFFITH, and EIL (ENGINEERS (INDIA) LIMITED).

ISO-9001 certification is taken by one and all in Electrotherm as an added responsibility to further its already stringent quality parameters in their organization at every level so that Electrotherm is always at the forefront in providing world preceding equipment.